About Us

About Us

Shriyam Jewels New York Inc. is One of the world’s fastest growing prime manufacturer of studded jewelry across grades and classes with unparalleled Expertise and Experience in the Art of Jewelry Designing, Manufacturing, Distributing and Marketing. Company is headquartered in New York with presence across the globe in strategic locations like USA, India, Europe, Australia, UAE and Germany, Shriyam has a truly global presence through sales and distribution offices, design studios & production units worldwide.

The manufacturing infrastructure of the company includes state-of-the-art manufacturing sites in Mumbai, Surat, China, Thailand and United States .Compliance to international quality standards at all our facilities also provides us the leverage to produce at centers based on capacity, skill sets and market. multiple facilities also enable us in enforcing a very stable business contingency plan, ensuring a deviation-proof production timeline due to any unforeseen & uncontrollable circumstances.

We leave no stone unturned with regards to the latest technology to help us deliver the Best-in-class designs and development coupled with unprecedented scale of operations. We efficiently procure commodities and manage our manufacturing base and this innovative approach to marketing and product merchandizing allows us to swiftly adapt to changing requirements and ensure our prices remain competitive for the customer.

Shriyam is home to many professionals, including 20 gemologists; 35 designers; 25 sales and service managers; 4 directors of Merchandizing and ; 900 skilled finest of the artisans and innumerable dedicated people who have over the years contributed their expertise to create a unique design experience and exclusive creations, well researched and crafted meticulously. And while ensuring high quality of products, we also adhere to the professional standards of certified jewelry, on-time delivery and timely customer support. Our prime focus is to deliver consistent quality of jewelry that the customer deserves.

Global PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Jewelry Trends come from regions and markets, adapt to themselves, and often spark of a furore based on its geographical and cultural origin. That is precisely why our design studios are located across geographies, so as to gather the cultural ethnicity the world over into our portfolio of designs. Our investment in design and technology gives us a leverage to produce 300-350 new designs every month and help us build a line of over 25000 designs for customer to choose from.

Diamonds: Shriyam prides itself as the prime source for the loose diamonds, certified and non certified both. Our strategic alliances and familial relationships with multiple leading DTC sight holders, allows us an access to the highest quality of diamonds to serve the luxury sector as well as an adequate supply for the mass market customers. Shriyam provides a diversified range of diamonds for its customers to choose from ,. Shriyam holds diamond range from Certified, to noncertified, VS TO PK. Full cuts to single cuts, all shapes and sizes, a rare range to be found with any manufacturer worldwide.

Gemstones:Our Founding family has their roots from Jaipur The Gemstone Hub . From its humble origin , Shriyam Jewels has deep roots in gemstone cutting, polishing and design. Our family has been in the fine gemstone business for generations and We specialize in Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Tanzanites, Diamonds and other precious and rare colored gemstones.

Proprietary MERCHANDISING:The utilization of Shriyam’s vertical integration for the creation of exclusive, industry-leading, trend-perfect collections of products of the superior quality and long-lasting value.

Full Service MARKETING:We invest in ideas that explore and develop new markets, products, collateral and media, understanding that end goal of our partnerships is for our customers to retail beautiful, well-priced products. To this end we offer a suite of marketing support services, each carefully created to help drive consumer demand.

From co-funded media campaigns and brand creation to new product development, proprietary cut creation and in-store support services such as sales-training and point-of-sale, Shriyam is committed to supporting its customers marketing operations.

Drop ship Capabilities:From eCommerce inventory management, logistics to shipping and distribution, Shriyam can deliver competitive advantage and added value to your brand.

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